Thursday, August 05, 2010

Sushi Brothers, New Orleans

Andre and I had an afternoon in New Orleans without the wives or kids, so we decided to do what we love to do: Drink beer and eat sushi. We just left the Avenue Pub with very good "Hopitoulas" beer as we headed down St. Charles and came upon Sushi Brothers. It was right at opening time at 4:59 pm, so we gave it a shot. We were very pleased... Everything averaged 4.5 for taste, texture and appearance except for the eel (4). The portions were amazing. The LSU roll was also excellent.  The restaurant was about 4, presentation was 4, and overall experience a 4. That gives Sushi Brothers a 25.5 rating, just below the threshold for excellent. Give it a try!

Score: 25.5 (Well above average)

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