Friday, April 09, 2010

Kanai (Wichita KS)

Kanai opened in Wichita a few months ago. We've found that the former #1 sushi restaurant in Wichita, Sumo, has gone down quite a bit from it's humble beginnings on Rock Road. Kanai was a sushi chef at the original Sumo when we liked it, and opened his own place, so we had to try it.

Kanai s a relatively small place compared to Sumo since is has no hibachi grills (a good sign for a sushi restaurant). It was packed for a Wednesday nite. Kanai himself was behind the bar making sushi, while his wife served us. We were first given a small Japanese taste of black seaweed and fish on the house, which had a taste that reminded us of eating in Japan. We were really excited that we had found a new #1.

Then the food started arriving. We had miso soup, which was good, but only room temperature. The edamame was OK, and the seaweed salad was OK; nothing too exciting yet. As we ordered the sushi, there was the standard fare with some interesting options on the menu. Unfortunately, the interesting fish weren't available; and most importantly, no Uni. The only thing we were able to try out of the ordinary was "young hamachi". It wasn't worth rating. Not good at all.

The maguro was the most disappointing, but we did have several "5"s for taste and texture on the Hamachi, Albacore, and Unagi.

Escolar: 4.2
Maguro: 3.8
Hamachi: 4.9
Sake: 4.4
Unagi: 4.9
Albacore: 4.8

Overall Taste: 4.5
Overall Texture: 4.3
Overall Appearance: 4.5
Restaurant: 4.5
Presentation: 4
Overall Experience: 4

Total: 25.8 (Above Average, slightly)

We also had a few rolls. They had a wide variety of choices. The Ropponggi roll was very good, while the Shocker roll was OK, but a little fishy. We never got our spicy tuna roll.

Overall, we weren't that impressed; while some of the fish were excellent, others weren't. The service was quite slow. At least the beer was cold (would have been nicer to have on-tap), and the restaurant itself was nice. I guess we'll have to keep looking for that next great Wichita sushi restaurant.

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